Hobbies: Pallet Wood Slat Bench

This 100% reclaimed bench is a piece made for Carolina Shoe who is planning on using this for all sorts of different display purposes. They tell me this bench is going to be more well traveled then me. So this was constructed from a total of about 8 pallets (Red Oak, White Oak, Pine, Poplar, Aspen, Mahogany, Cherry, and Maple) along with some threaded rod thru bolts which were abandoned in a dumpster when the fire protection was being renovated at a local retail store. The pallet slats were left rough on the underside, front, and back to add a really cool texture and also some history to the piece. The threaded rod is mostly aesthetic, but it’ll also add some structure to the piece. Hand engraved “Carolina” and “Built For Work”, finished with 6 coats of lacquer.

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