Russian roundwood and lumber exports drop in Jan.-Feb. 2020

Russian exports of timber and pulp and paper products in the first two months of 2020 decreased by 6.5%, and the value by 8.5% slightly compared to last year.

According to statitics of the Russian Federal Statistics Office (Rosstat) in January-February 2020, plywood exports from Russia increased by almost 11.5% and reached more than 470 thousand m³.

As for lumber, the export volume of these amounted to about 2.6 million tons, less than a year earlier by 5%. In value terms, the supply of lumber abroad amounted to almost 642 million dollars and decreased by 0.2% compared with January-February 2019.

The volume of export of roundwood decreased by 33.5% (1.6 million m³) and by almost 40% in value terms (about $ 111 million).

As for the pulp and paper industry segment, according to the Federal Customs Service, in the first two months of this year, the volume of exports of wood pulp is growing. Compared to January-February last year, growth amounted to more than 7% – up to 367 thousand tons.

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