Falling roundwood prices in Estonia

The year 2019 is marked by falling roundwood prices in large parts of Central, Northern and Eastern Europe. In particular, the spruce is under price pressure due to extensive bark beetle infestation, even in countries such as Estonia, which themselves have not encountered damage by the bark beetle.

From August to October, the price slide in Estonia has reached almost all types of wood. Affected are softwood sawlogs and all pulpwwood except aspen, which remained at its usual level.

In the case of the softwood sawlogs, the price decline of the spruce has recently accelerated, while the price of the pine has stabilized from September to October. For the spruce assortments, large diameter spruce sawlogs have recorded a more pronounced price decline (-15%) as compared to small-diameter spruce which lost around 6%. Spruce has thus returned to its long-term price level that was valid until mid-2017. All other roundwood assortments are still over it despite falling prices.

In the case of pulpwood, the downward trend in birch has accelerated recently, while it has slowed down in spruce and pine. However, both have lost around 33% on the previous year’s price. The price of birch is only 17% lower as compared to last year.

Prices October 2019

 Oct’18 €/m3Sep’19 € / m3Oct’19 €/m3Change% Oct 18 to Oct 19Change% Sep to Oct 19
Pine d<18cm62.6559.1057.44-8.32%-2.81%
Spruce d<18cm60.9457.5155.68-8.63%-3.18%
Birch veneer119.34114.13110.22-7.64%-3.43%
Pine pulpwood49.3633.6732.91-33.33%-2.26%
Spruce pulpwood48.4132.9332.25-33.38%-2.06%
Birch pulpwood43.0939.6935.72-17.10%-10.00%
Aspe pulpwood21.3422.1821.561.03%-2.80%
Energy wood21.9523.6523.738.11%0.34%

Prices September 2019

 Sep’18 € / m3Aug’19 € / m3Sep’19 € / m3Change.% Sep 18 to Sep 19Change.% Aug to Sep 19
Pine d<18cm61.7560.6859.10-4.29%-2.60%
Spruce d <18cm60.8458.6557.51-5.47%-1.94%
Birch veneer117.72109.36114.13-3.05%4.36%
Pine pulpwood48.3033.9533.67-30.29%-0.82%
Spruce pulpwood46.5033.7632.93-29.18%-2.46%
Birch pulpwood41.6841.6839.69-4.77%-4.77%
Aspen pulpwood21.0922.1522.185.17%0.14%
Energy wood20.9624.5123.6512.83%-3.51%

Prices August 2019

 Aug’18 € / m3Jul’19 € / m3Aug’19 € / m3Change.% Aug 18 to Aug 19Change.% Jul to Aug 19
Pine d<18cm61.2861.4060.68-0.98%-1.17%
Spruce d <18cm61.1259.2858.65-4.04%-1.06%
Birch veneer118.51105.36109.36-7.72%3.80%
Pine pulpwood48.8636.4533.95-30.52%-6.86%
Spruce pulpwood47.7435.7633.76-29.28%-5.59%
Birch pulpwood42.1342.3541.68-1.07%-1.58%
Aspe pulpwood22.0822.0722.150.32%0.36%
Energy wood20.9324,2524.5117.10%1.07%

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