Hobbies: Handmade from the pallet.

This article opens the cycle of materials in our blog, where we will talk about craftsmen from around the world who make useful items from the most ordinary pallets.

These shot glasses are 100% reclaimed and 100% pallet wood! They were made for Carolina Shoe to use as giveaway items (keep an eye on their socials to see how you can get one). It’s so awesome to know that my work will be traveling out to so many peoples hands. It took roughly 9 pallets to get the lumber for this build. A lot of it was turned into sawdust after all, but that’s better than this good wood ending up in the landfill! I got some awesome lumber out of these pallets nonetheless (cherry, red oak, pine, poplar, white oak, maple, ash, elm, hickory). The shot glasses were finished with Waterlox Original which is food safe and waterproof once it cures.

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