Germany: Producer prices for wood products in October

While the upward trend so far sustained for German producer prices for commercial wood products is still intact compared with the previous year, this no longer applies compared to the previous month. From September to October, the vast majority of productshave yielded or stagnated. Only five out of 26 values ​​have risen.

In the area of ​​softwood timbers, only narrow boards recorded a minimal increase of 0.09% compared to September. OSB boards and wooden windows and doors also grew slightly. Plywood packaging was a little bit stronger, and pellets and similar products are the front runners.

The sharpest decline was seen from September to October for melamine-coated chipboard, followed by raw chipboards.

The year-on-year comparison makes it clear that the possibly beginning downward trend will take place from a relatively high level. All values ​​except laminate floors are more or less clearly in the plus. The front runners are OSB boards and wooden pallets, followed by raw chipboard and narrow boards.

Producer price indices of industrial products (2015 = 100)Oct-17Sep-18Oct-18Change% Oct17 – Oct18Change.% Sept18 – Oct18
Softwood, Thickness> 6mm, planed, ground, finger-jointed (m3)102107106.94.80%-0.09%
Spruce, fir cut, Picea abies karst. (M3)103.6108.41084.25%-0.37%
Construction timber, according to DIN 4074 / S10101.5105.9104.83.25%-1.04%
Boards, width 8 to 16 cm106.2108.6108.62.26%0.00%
Boards, width over 16 cm101.2105.91053.75%-0.85%
Roof battens, according to DIN 4074 / S10103.3110110.16.58%0.09%
Standard beams wood A / B101.4106.2106.14.64%-0.09%
Mouldings from softwood, all edges profiled (m)102.1103.7103.71.57%0.00%
Hardwood sawn timber103.7106.4106.42.60%0.00%
Beech sawn timber102.8105.5105.52.63%0.00%
Oak sawn timber107.31101102.52%0.00%
Wood in form of plateletsor chips from softwood91.495.194.93.83%-0.21%
Pellets, briquettes, logs or similar forms from sawdust.9797.699.42.47%1.84%
Particle board from wood, untreated or ground (m3)96.1104.7103.67.80%-1.05%
Particle board, high pressure laminate surface(m3)99.2100.5100.51.31%0.00%
Particle board, melamine paper surface (m3)98.7102.7101.42.74%-1.27%
OSB, waferboard and similar boards, made of wood108125.3125.416.11%0.08%
MDF furniture panels, thickness> 9mm, density 650-800 kg / m3101.8106.9106.44.52%-0.47%
HDF board, density> 800kg / m3, raw / ground (m3)99.3103.5103.23.93%-0.29%
Laminate flooring, density> 800kg / m3 (m2)101.7101.1101-0.69%-0.10%
Parquet panels for mosaic floors104.8105.6105.60.76%0.00%
Windows, doors, frames, cladding therefor, of wood101.5104.8105.13.55%0.29%

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