Finnish logging fell by almost a third in 2019

Altogether 36.3 million cubic metres of industrial roundwood from non-industrial, private forests was recorded in monthly statistics in 2019 in Finland. The share of standing sales was five-sixths and the share of delivery sales was one sixth, the Finnish statistics office Luke informs.

The total Finnish trade decreased 29 percent compared to the record year 2018 and was one fifth smaller than the earlier three-year average. The volume of pulpwood (20.4 million cubic metres) decreased by one fifth from the previous year and the volume of logs (14.4 million cubic metres) by two fifths.

In December, the average price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 53.1 per cubic metre, and the price for spruce logs was EUR 56.7 per cubic metre in standing sales. Prices were about the same as in the previous month. In real terms these prices remained 12 percent lower than the average in whole year 2018, according to Luke.

The Finnish price for pine pulpwood was EUR 17.4, the price for spruce pulpwood EUR 18.7 and the price for birch pulpwood EUR 16.2. There was a considerable regional variation in the prices. These prices increased four per cent from the previous month and ended up three per cent below the average price of year 2018.

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