Downward trend in prices for sawlogs continues in Finland

Prices for sawlogs in Finland continued the downward trend in October 2019. The average price for pine sawlogs was EUR 54.40 / m3, and for spruce sawlogs EUR 57.80 / m3. This is 2% less than in September and 11% less than the average prices in 2018, according to the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Pine pulpwood costs now 17,20 EUR / m3, while spruce pulpwood 19,00 EUR / m3 and birch pulpwood 16,40 EUR / m3. This means that prices are 4% lower than in the previous month and also lower than the same month of the previous year.

The free forest road prices for pulpwood were: pine 32,40 EUR / m3, spruce 33,50 EUR / m3 and birch 32,70 EUR / m3. Compared to September, prices have fallen 2%, but have risen by 4% over the average prices of the previous year.

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