Vietnam: Wood products exports top US$1 billion in just one month

In October the value of Vietnam’s wood product exports was US$1,037 billion, up 20% compared to September and by 23% compared to October 2018. This was the first time Vietnam’s export earnings from wood products exceeded US$1 billion in a single month.

Exports in the first 10 months of this year totalled around US$8.6 billion, up 18% over the same period last year. Also, in the first half of November, exports of wood products reached US$451 million. It is estimated that in a short time the target of US$9 -10 billion export value for 2019 will come a reality.

Vietnam’s exports of non-wood forest products are also growing. In the first half of November exports of rattan, bamboo, sedge and natural fibre carpets reached more than US$23 million, bringing the total export value of this group of commodities to US$407 million since the beginning of 2019

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