Ghana urged to invest in reforestation

Ms. Diana Acconcia, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, has encouraged Ghana to be more active in restoring degraded forest and increasing tree cover to contribute to climate change mitigation. Ms. Acconcia was speaking at the European Union Climate Diplomacy Week Ghana 2019 themed ‘Regreening Ghana’.

According to Ms. Acconcia, the approximately 25-30% tree cover in Ghana is far too low so she urged the government to take action to reverse the trend emphasising ‘what is needed is collaboration and commitment to promote a green world’ to achieve this it is imperative that investment in re-afforestation is encouraged.

At the beginning of the century Ghana had over 8 million hectares of forest cover but currently has only 1.6 million hectares according to Forestry Commission statistics. That is a loss of 80%

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