Germany: Wood products price index stable in December 2017

The German producer price indices for industrial wood products remained stable at a high level in December 2017.

There are hardly any price changes compared to November. Only pellets and wide boards show increases of more than one percent. All other ranges fluctuate around the November values ​​and remain completely unchanged.

Compared to the previous year, all indices are higher. The biggest increases are from raw particle boards, followed by wide boards and pellets. HDF boards and beech blocks are just above the previous year’s level.

Producer price indices of industrial products (2000 = 100)DeC.-2016Nov.-2017DeC.-2017Change Dec. 2016/2017Change. Nov.-Dec. 2017 
Softwood, size>6mm, planed, sanded, finger-jointed112,0113,3113,31,16%0,00%
Spruce and Fir lumber (Picea abies Karst.)114,4118,6118,83,85%0,17%
Lumber according to DIN 4074/S10114,1117,2117,73,16%0,43%
Boards, width over 16 cm118,5122,2122,23,12%0,00%
Boards, width from 8 to 16 cm, size from 15 to 24 mm105,8110,4111,95,77%1,36%
Roof battens according to DIN 4074/S10121,9126,5126,43,69%-0,08%
Stock squared timber, A/B, 10X10 – 12X12112,0116,5115,73,30%-0,69%
Construction timber101,9105,9105,53,53%-0,38%
Hardwood lumber111,9113,7113,71,61%0,00%
Beech blocks, A/B, size 50-60 mm, length 3m, damped107,4107,9107,90,47%0,00%
Beech frames, size 26-32 mm, length  3m, undamped112,4114,3114,31,69%0,00%
Wood chips from softwood88,891,391,32,82%0,00%
Particle boards, raw or sanded105,5115,2115,29,19%0,00%
Particle boards, laminated with decor112,4114,1114,11,51%0,00%
HDF panels, size > 800 kg/m³, raw/sanded114,3114,2114,40,09%0,18%
Laminate floorings, density > 800 kg/m³110,5111,6111,61,00%0,00%
Pellets and Briquets, compressed106,8110,6111,84,68%1,08%

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