Brazil-US timber trade facilitation

The Brazilian timber industry, represented by the Brazilian Association for Mechanically Processed Timber (ABIMCI), recently sent a written request to the governments of Brazil and the United States urging both sides to facilitate trade and good practices between the two countries.

This came about because of the joint initiative of the Business Coalition for the Facilitation of Trade and Barriers (CFB), led by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), the US Chamber, Amcham and 28 other entities, including ABIMCI.

The request includes binding commitments in priority areas such as customs modernisation and trade facilitation, good regulatory practices, electronic commerce and combating corruption. The Coalition believes that a proposal for a trade modernisation agreement could be reached without the need for the involvement of Mercosur or legislation of the United States.

The document also states that, if implemented, the proposal would reduce costs, increase trade and bilateral investment and would also represent a first step towards a more comprehensive future trade agreement.

According to ABIMCI, this initiative is timely due to a close relationship between the two countries and because the current pandemic is affecting the economies of both countries significantly. Joint action in areas that enable better synergy for businesses would be beneficial, says ABIMCI.

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