Brazil: Greater transparency in tracking wood origin

The National Environment Council (CONAMA) recently approved two measures for the forest sector. First Resolution N° 411/2009: was amended. This covers standardisation of the nomenclature system and integration of the National System for the Control of the Origin of Forest Products (SINAFLOR) with state electronic systems and secondly an extension of the period of validity of forest management projects that expired during the pandemic.

According to the National Forum of Forest-Based Activities (FNBF) the amendment to the Resolution will bring more security regarding the proof of the origin of wood coming from forest concession areas.

Regarding the one-year extension of the timber harvesting authorisations that expired during the pandemic period, the FNBF explained that the measure is essential to enable the continuity of interrupted operations. Producers are requited to request an extension with the environmental agencies in each state.

Another point in the amendment is the standardisation of nomenclature which follows the Guide of Wood Products (Glossário de Produtos de Madeira).

Currently, this Guide classifies the wood processing according to the size of products but disregards the variations that the wood may undergo such as swelling or shrinking depending on moisture content.

This amendment will avoid classification errors. There have been cases of shipments being seized due to the overly rigid application of the Guide. Many such cases have been overturned by the courts when it was determined that there was no irregularity or illegality.

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